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Katie Jo Myers isn’t about owning physical things, she’s about going out and doing physical things. The fact that Katie Jo lives on her tiny sailboat in Marina del Ray tells you a lot about her outlook on life—get outside and do something. She is always up for new adventures. From climbing competitions in Utah to the hanging off the nose of El Capitan in Yosemite, if it’s about climbing, she’s in. On this typical Thursday, she packs her gear and busts out of the city to the mountains near Big Bear, CA to camp and rock climb. She’s on a mission to get more out of life.

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  • Principal
    Katie Joe Myers/
  • Director
    David C Giles/
  • Cinematographer
    Bobby Sorich/ Mike Leary/
  • Editor
    David C Giles/
  • Producer
    Lana Pennino/